Groundbreaking by any measure

Groundbreaking Value

Verathon, the pioneer in 3D bladder scanning, uses deep learning Artificial Intelligence to set new standards in accuracy and ease of use with BladderScan® Prime Plus™.  Beyond that, Verathon also offers value-added features, service and warranty options to keep total cost of ownership low and value high.

Groundbreaking Dependability

Designed and manufactured in the USA with select chemical resistant housing materials, metal gears , smart battery management, and industrial strength cables and interconnects to support 24/7 uptime, Prime Plus defines reliability in high-stress hospital environments.

Groundbreaking Ease of Ownership

BladderScan® Prime Plus™ is as easy to own and maintain as it is to use.  It requires no routine calibration, and has a unique CaliScan self-diagnostic tool that confirms proper probe function in the event of a drop.

Groundbreaking Support

Verathon maintains a dedicated support team of experts to help you productively manage your fleet, optimize uptime and keep out-of-pocket costs to a minimum over the lifespan of the device.  That includes complimentary software updates as well as in-service training and clinical “pearls” to help guide successful implementation.

Verathon backs BladderScan Prime Plus with a 5-year warranty covering service and repair of all damage or failures associated with the instrument, even if the damage was the result of accidental drops, offers next day service loaners for all repairs, and covers freight charges.

Sign up now for a complementary on-site demo and fleet management planning session to maximize your BladderScan usage and minimize your total cost of ownership.



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